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Mmmmm. Meijer.

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13th April 2007

mable_syrup12:35am: moving
My 'sister' is selling her house & moving out of state because of a work transfer.. She has listed some items she is currently selling on Craigslist... so check the link if you are interested and contact her through there. Also if you are interested- let me say she takes care of her things so everything that isn't new is in EXCELLENT - like new condition... Thanks guys- have a great weekend!



28th March 2006

mable_syrup3:04pm: Early plans called for it to make the city the entertainment hub of the Midwest.

The developer of the project, a man based in Los Angeles and Atlanta named Duane Faust will likely be in Grand Rapids later this week to reveal more details.

Some of the early ideas were spelled out in a document, prepared for his company, ESNA Corp. The document came out last spring. A spokesman for Faust said today, while some details have changed, the concept is the same. That concept mixes a million square-foot mall with an indoor/outdoor concert hall, movies, museums, town homes, and condominiums

That's ALL Grand Rapids needs.. is another mall. When is the city going to learn.....
And since when does having ANOTHER mall in the area.. make GR "the entertainment hub of the midwest"
What the fuck is wrong with these people? (that's rhetorical)

8th May 2005

__avadore11:42pm: hi. i'm a new meijer employee. i work at the meijer at middlebelt and i-96 in Livonia. yeahhh. anyone else employed there?

10th February 2005

fenrix3:11pm: Seen in the Meijer 4 Day Sale ad paper, page 3:

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15th September 2004

fenrix10:58am: Just to put some activity in this group, I am now working at the Roseville Meijer (off Little Mack) in the photo lab.

You may now return to your normal insanity.

6th May 2004

katrus5:53am: Apparantly Meijer got hosed for a few thou worth of gas because some students found you could trick the system by swiping your driver's license instead of a credit card.

Looks like their license info got recorded nonetheless, and now the police are tracking them down, however.

Remember: Don't steal from Meijer. Meijer is good.
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22nd April 2004

katrus7:24am: I Am Frightened
Nabisco calls this a 'floor display'. I call it 'nightmare fodder for very young children'.

15th April 2004

katrus3:18am: This here is a damn funny U-Scan comic.
xdreamwalker2:58am: meh
Does anyone here work for Meijer? You should check out meijerfresh, Funny stuff I tell ya.

24th March 2004

fenrix10:22am: Hello, just thought I'd post to this group about, well, Meijer! I've worked at 3 different Meijers for about 3.333 years total, at the Canton Meijer in the marking/receiving room for 5 months, the Ann Arbor Meijer as a cashier for 6 months (this is the WORST job you can get at Meijer, in my opinion o.o), and in the photo lab at the Ypsi Meijer for 2 years and 5 months (this one was my favorite, am considering going back in the fall when I start college again.)

Aside from being an awesome place to work, I actually enjoy hanging out at Meijer as well. :) Finding cool stuff in their clearance racks is always fun! Just wandering around looking at the cool stuff they have to buy later is always nice, too. I've bought a lot of the cool stuff I have at Meijer.

Meijer is the best!
chorca4:52am: Another late-night, multi-hour Meijer trip.
Hellows. I'm new here, too. The abundance of Meijers in my area has proved to be quite fun, especially since i'm quite nocturnal. I rarely visit a Meijer in the daylight.

Well. I was bored tonight, and after DDRing for a bit with a friend, decided to go Meijering. The nifty thing about my area, is that there are three meijers within like, 30 minutes. This is good for when one store isn't enough. :)

I basically went to the Livonia store on Haggerty, and browsed for what seemed like an hour, but was probibly more like 30-45 minutes. I'm like, into the clearance stuff, so i'll probibly tend to post some of the current *good* deals here.

Wandering around there found a lot of crap, for some reason they'd just taken about half of the cheap crap in their beauty department and dumped it into about 3 bins, and threw it onto the main aisle clearance rack (Everyone's seen this rack). I peeked through it a bit, nothing of interest.
Dirty Vegas's Days Go By came on the radio as i moved on, and I began dancing down the electronics aisle, getting some interesting looks from a pair of girls moseying by.

Deals of the day!

100 spindle of Imation CD-Rs, 48x max - $22.99
-the Livonia store has like, shelves of these left, while the Wixom store has none. Interesting, and an excellent deal.
Assorted St. Patty's day junk - Ubercheap (25 cents to like, 3 dollars)

But I moved on to Wixom as well, and perused their selection of variously clearanced items. Nothing really of interest. HOWEVER.
Wixom Meijer has a PS2 set up with Jak II, like, one of my favoritest games. So I played that for like a half-hour.

Lame comments:

Meijer will be changing their big LCD credit card reader things that show the Meijer logo to smaller, newer models, that have a approx. 1" by 3" screen on them. Seem to read cards better, but you have to sign in that little teeny screen. Kinda sux.

If you can find any left, some party lighting is marked down *extremely* cheap. Luminglasses (those little flat circular glass plates that have lightning-like colored bolts radiating from the center) are $4.50, marked down from $50.00. They're cool, if you can find a store with any left. Adrian store had a couple, but me and a friend snagged 'em..

Fun Tip of the Day:

Know those little price checker things, and how they have buttons on them? Press 1 and 4 at the same time. I'm not sure what the pass is yet, but i'm going to ask some employees next time i'm out. ^_^

451 - Purple Cow
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kcirtap12:33am: so.
just joined up here, from SE Michigan.

I tend to spend hours at meijer, mainly around midnight to two am. clearance racks are always good, and if you haven't seen the duck toilet seat covers, you're missing out.
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23rd March 2004

kianir3:23am: Yeah, so fenrix and I were hanging out at Meijer tonight, as we are wont to do. There were like three people, it being this area of town and this time period (about 1:30 when we got there.) 67% of the people we saw, thus, were insane.

The first guy we saw was wandering around leaned heavily into his cart, chatting to an invisible friend. He seemed quite jovial, though we addressed neither him nor his friend. The second person was this enormous African-American lady (covered in sweat -- this 30-degree weather will do that to you!) who accosted us as we approached the sole, unmanned checkout lane. She waddled up, leaned heavily on the side of our cart, and we had this brief exchange:

Lady: "Hello. How'd you like to save some money on your next phone bill?"
Fenrix: "Uh ... I have a cell phone, actually."
Lady: "Oh. So you don't want to save any money on your bill."
Fenrix: "Well..."
Lady: (peering at both of us) "You two are brothers, aren'tcha?"
Me: "Yup! Sure are."
Lady: "I can tell. I can see the bloodline between ya. Well, have a good night."

... the hell?

So the checkout still had no cashier. A relatively normal middle-aged lady, the only other in line, looked about and then bellowed "Is there any cashier here who would like to come to lane 29, the only one which is lit?" It was kind of funny, and kind of not. This Meijer suffers from terminally braindead third-shift management, and thus the cashier was needlessly beaten around. (They had her sweeping floors elsewhere, and expected she'd be able to watch her lane too. Yeeeah.)

Then we got out to the car and right next to it was a couple of not-quite-seedy looking people fiddling with a tempermental Buick. Frankly I'm surprised we got out with as little trouble as we did. Definitely strange fare for a boring suburban Meijer in one of the least interesting areas of metro Detroit...
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19th March 2004

katrus3:23am: End of an Era
Meijer apparently no longer makes sandwiches in store - instead, they have them shipped in from Last-Minute Gourmet, a supplier out of Chicago.

What this means, of course, is that they're all a lot more expensive, and nor do they mark down their unsold stock at night.

What we have here is the end of the era of the Cheap Sammich. Woe.
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22nd February 2004

katrus9:19pm: 2 Cokes, 1 Pound
This sign has been up at Meijer for weeks and weeks now. This, oddly enough, is the only item with which they want me to pay for in pounds sterling.

Can you even get a 20 oz. Bottle in the UK?

5th February 2004

plumlicorice4:00pm: Hooray for Meijer! I live in Michigan and I go that freaking store on what feels like a daily basis. Usually to buy booze and cat food. It's also the perfect place for department store frolicking. What does everyone else think? About Meijer and dsfing, of course.
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26th January 2004

eltacorico8:58pm: Fuckin' awesome
Meijer open 24 hours dude.
I literally go there once or twice a week.
Usually with friends.
fuckin' awesome.
Sleep on the furniture
Go thru the discount stuff
Buy 2 liters on sale
Hang out with the greeters
Ride the ''shopping cart of freedom''
And so much more.

4th September 2003

katrus3:29am: MEIJER!
This is a community for all Meijer junkies. If you spend altogether too much time in/around/on top of Meijer, this will be the place for you.
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